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Sustaining strong communities

Enabling sustainable tenure

We are focused on supporting the development of sustainable communities and to raise the aspirations of current and future generations

Retaining and attracting customers in a competitive market is vital to the successful operation of our core business both in terms of stabilising the rental income stream and reducing the operating costs that are associated with high turnover of tenancies. We will achieve this through providing products and services which truly meet the needs of current and future customers. Securing sustainable employment and enabling financial wellbeing is also key to sustaining the tenancies of low-income customers who will be increasingly unable to rely on the welfare system to support them.


Performance and achievements 2017/18

  • Processed 2,334 housing applications with 71% of received via digital means
  • Allocated 116 low demand properties
  • 98% of tenants were satisfied with the home they moved into
  • Average time to re-let a standard property 40 days
  • 98% of tenants were satisfied with the overall allocations and lettings service
  • £569,572 is the cost avoided through letting a previously adapted property as opposed to a non-adapted property
  • 14.90% is the differential of issued void cost to actual void cost
  • £1,220.08 Average cost of a standard void works (all properties)
  • 33 Safeguarding cases identified with 58% requiring referrals

Sustainable tenancies

Ensuring our customers have the skills and financial capability to sustain their tenancies is key to achieving sustainable communities and a sustainable business.  Increasing tenancy sustainability through providing effective support to tenants is one of our business priorities. Our Housing Support Team help tenants deal with life events and other complex issues that may impact their ability to manage their tenancy.  We proactively assess the risks of our customer sustaining their tenancies providing timely and appropriate referrals to support services.

Performance and achievements 2017/18

  • Provided enhanced tenancy support to 371 households from pre-allocation with 81% sustaining their tenancy
  • Investigated and resolved 180 complaints of Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Identified 8 households with complex hoarding problems, all of which have been supported to sustain their tenancy
  • Referred 16 “high risk” households to the Fire Service Safer Homes programme
  • Successfully deliver a diversified tenure offer as a result of the York Hill regeneration scheme
  • Processed 2,334 housing applications with 71% of received via digital means
  • Allocated 116 low demand properties
  • 98% of tenants were satisfied with the home they moved into
  • 33 Safeguarding cases identified with 58% requiring referral
  • Completed the successful relocation of 9 tenants from King William Grange to more appropriate accommodation to meet their needs
  • 1,348 tenants supported to improve their Financial Wellbeing

2018/19 Look forward

Moving forward to 2018/19, we will aim to:

  • Reduce tenancy turnover to 9.2%
  • Achieve at a minimum 90% customer satisfaction with the overall quality of their new home
  • Reduce avoidable tenancy turnover to 20%
  • Achieve 90% tenant satisfaction with the housing management service

Enabling socially and economically balanced communities

Sustaining strong communities and raising the aspirations of the current and future customers is core to Livin's purpose and also has a proven positive contribution to ongoing business viability. Investing in communities is key in creating sustainable places to live and work and we are committed to promoting economic, social and environmental sustainability within our communities.

Delivering strong and sustainable communities enabling them to be socially and economically balanced requires regeneration, as this ensures that customers and our business are safe and secure for the future. We monitor and review the sustainability and the balance of communities and where failing use interventions both physical and socio-economic to improve the sustainability of our Communities.

Through Customer Voice strategy we aim to empower residents to become actively involved in the regeneration of their communities and influence key decisions.

Moving forward, we will deliver a focussed regeneration programme to improve failing communities and we will shape our services to meet the diverse and changing needs of our current and future customers.


Livin Community Regeneration Fund

The Livin Community Fund offers individuals and groups the opportunity to apply for funding that can make a real difference to the places where they live, work and play.  The Fund aims to support applications that contribute towards sustaining strong communities.

Performance and achievements 17/18

  • 2 funding applications made to deliver targeted interventions in York Hill Estate, Spennymoor
  • Achieved 100% ‘buy in’ from residents and home owners on York Hill Estate, Spennymoor to commence significant regeneration of the community to maximise visual impact and revitalise community spirit
  • 2 stakeholder groups established in York Hill Estate, Spennymoor and Western Ward, Newton Aycliffe with purpose of improving the aspirations and sustainability of these communities
  • Generated £4,480,948 in social value within our target communities during 17/18
  • Provided 2,395 residents from within our communities the opportunity to become involved in focused consultation activities
  • Invested £71,623 in communities via the Livin Community Regeneration Fund
  • 91% of projects secured match funding - totalling £184,799.88
  • £256,423 total amount of money invested through the Community Regeneration Fund
  • 23 family learning courses delivered a total of 230 sessions, engaging with 164 adults and 183 children

2018/19 Look forward

In 2018/19, we will aim to:

  • Generate £4.5 million in social value achieved through employability and health and wellbeing programmes

  • Secure £520,000.00 in external match funding

Livin Futures

Livin Futures is an award winning employability programme delivering long, medium and short term interventions (pathways) to support residents of all ages and abilities into employment. Pathways, which include school/pre-school based programmes, apprenticeships and skills foundations, inspire residents by raising aspirations, improving confidence, increasing skill levels and providing support to overcome barriers to getting a job.


Livin Futures is core to our business and sustaining strong communities, since 2013 the service has supported over 4,000 customer and has progressed over 1,000 into employment 





Performance and achievements 2017/18

  • 336 customers securing employment
  • 100% of customers satisfied with the quality of service received
  • 647 customer achieving qualifications
  • Generated £4,480,948 in Social Value during 2017/18
  • Winner of the national Excellence in Employment Skills and Training Award 

2018/19 Look forward

  • Support 40 tenants into securing sustained employment
  • Assist 140 tenants into securing employment
  • Assist 305 customers to gain qualifications
  • Support 255 residents into further education or training
  • Assist 345 customer (25+) into employment, volunteering, training or further education


Financial Wellbeing

We believe that in order to be a sustainable business, the future financial sustainability of our communities must be a priority.  Through innovative programmes such as our Debt Advice Service and Monkey, the Financial Wellbeing team supports residents to increase their economic wellbeing and help them manage their money in a more sustainable way. This includes pre tenancy support via the Smart Start programme, which helps improve levels of tenancy sustainability.

Performance and achievements 17/18

  • Managed £504,810 worth of debt for 81 customers
  • Identified £588,679 in additional benefits for 116 Livin customers
  • 1,348 of Livin’s customers were referred or signposted to a variety of local, affordable, furniture, carpets and decorating suppliers through the Monkey Project
  • 92 customers supported to obtain loans from the SmarterBuys Store as an ethical alternative to high interest rate furniture providers
  • 80 energy assessments carried out by partner Managing Money Better resulting in savings and grants of £19,577 for Livin tenants and for other customers living in our communities
  • Targeted communications and preparation undertaken with Livin customers affected by early Universal Credit transition
  • Identified and supported 34 customers affected by the benefit cap

2018/19 Look forward

  • Prepare for the wider roll out of Universal Credit across all Livin’s areas of operation
  • Develop support initiatives for new Universal Credit claimants
  • Design mechanisms to monitor and track the impact of Universal Credit on customers
  • Develop staff skills and knowledge to support tenants claiming Universal Credit,
  • Review and evaluate the benefit, debt and fuel advice services
  • Explore and apply for new funding to replace expiring services

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