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Case study: tenant scrutiny

Case Study: Tenant Scrutiny

Scrutiny Review of Sustainable Tenancies

livin’s Scrutiny Group carried out a review of sustainable tenancies as the average length of a tenancy was reducing whilst tenancy turnover was increasing, which posed a risk to the business as well as having a wider impact on communities. The scope of the review was to determine why this was happening and identify areas for improvement.

The Scrutiny Group made a number of recommendations to livin’s Board that the Group felt was necessary to improve tenancy sustainability. Recommendations included:

  • To undertake more robust financial checks when a customer applies for a new tenancy and for certain applicants to attend a budgeting course before commencing their tenancy.

  • To provide applicants with a wider range of information about properties and the surrounding area to enable them to make informed choices.

  • To review the tenancy ‘sign up’ sessions to ensure that provide all the necessary information about how to manage a tenancy in order to give new tenants the best chance of sustaining their tenancy.

  • Additional training for staff that enables them to identify wider issues relating to tenancy sustainability.

  • Ensuring that applicants who experience affordability issues are provided with advice on how to access low cost options for the purchase of furniture and white goods.

The recommendations put forward by Scrutiny were approved by livin’s Board. An action plan was the implemented based on the recommendations made. The Scrutiny Group then evaluated progress made with the action plan during 2015/16 and found there were a number of positive outcomes achieved following the review, such as:

  • Improved tenancy turnover figures

  • A significant increase in the number of new tenancies being sustained

  • Better pre-tenancy checks to identify potential problems

  • Better support provision to those who may struggle to manage their tenancy

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