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Case Study: Financial Wellbeing

Case Study: Financial Wellbeing

One tenant (who does not wish to be named) was referred to the Financial Wellbeing team by a family member as he struggling to make his rent payments and finding it difficult to engage with other support services.

A Financial Wellbeing Advisor arranged an appointment to visit the tenant in his home to complete an application for discretionary housing benefit.  At the appointment, further support needs were identified, resulting in the Financial Wellbeing Advisor helping him to submit an application to Northumbrian Water to reduce the water rates. 

In addition, the tenant was provided with support to help him complete a housing application for a transfer as his current home held bad memories for him as well as isolating him from his family and friends.

As a result, the tenant received a total award of £904.02 in discretionary housing payments plus a 50% reduction in his water rates, a decrease of £218.02.  His rent account is now in credit and his will shortly transfer to another livin property closer to his family and friends.

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