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Building a successful business

We are committed to enabling long term business sustainability by increasing our financial capacity, optimising return on assets and excellence in governance. This is underpinned by enabling our employees to flourish and providing a great customer service

Optimising return on assets

Ensuring we optimise the return on our assets is paramount to not only generating excellent financial and social returns from those assets, but also ensuring regulatory compliance. To ensure a focus on the return on investment of both commercial assets and homes, we have adopted a rigorous appraisal based approach to managing assets, ensuring a good understanding of the return on assets and driving action to mitigate the impact of negative assets over time.

Performance and achievements 2017/2018

  • £20.8m projected savings on capital expenditure by extending the life of certain component replacements in homes
  • 91% of our properties have a minimum £2,000 NPV (Net Present Value)
  • 100% of homes met the Decent Homes Standard
  • Saved an average £300 - £400 a year for tenants on their heating bills as a result of targeted home insulation improvements

2018/19 Look forward

Moving forward to 18/19, we will aim to achieve:

  • 91% of homes to have a minimum NPV OF £2,000 (Net Present Value)
  • 93% of homes To achieve a notional net yield
  • Generate a surplus of £700,000 from the disposal of poorly performing assets

Enabling employees to flourish

We view our employees as our most critical resource. As such, we recognise the importance of creating an environment in which employees believe in the part they play in making a real difference to Livin and its tenants.

We recognise that our staff are key to providing excellent services to our customers. We are committed to continuously improving our employment practices and to maintain the positive recognition we have received including Employer of Choice status and “Positive About Disabled People”.  Through our employee strategy we use proactive human resource management practices to ensure we attract and retain the best talent to meet the changing needs of our customers, communities and our business.

In order to meet the increasing challenges in the business environment, it is essential that we provide an operating environment that effectively engages employees and enables them to flourish through offering continuous learning, development and challenge.


Performance and achievements 17/18

  • 82% staff would recommend working at livin to others
  • 75% staff satisfied with their terms and conditions
  • 78% staff positive about a career at livin
  • 94% staff had zero days of sickness
  • Achieved upper quartile in our benchmarking peer group for days lost due to sickness absence
  • £528 per employee was invested in employee training
  • 521 days of training provided to employees (an average of 3.2 days per employee)
  • Awarded Bronze for the North East Better Health at Work Award 

2018/19 Look forward

For 18/19, we will aim to achieve:

  • 80% staff satisfaction with Livin as an employer
  • 80% staff agreeing that their job is good their personal growth
  • 70% staff capacity match

Delivering an excellent customer experience

In a competitive market place, delivering a genuinely first-class experience that will be of real and tangible benefit to our customers plays a vital role in attracting and retaining customers.

Our customer service team provides an excellent service at first point of contact by using a range of multiple channels.

During 2017/18 the customer service team has continued to use a range of diverse channels to communicate with our customers providing a choice of channels through which they can access our services. Previously a traditional call centre, we now offer various digital customer service channels including web chat, social media and an online tenants self-serve portal. Our customer service advisers offer a high standard of customer service regardless of the contact channel, and enhance the customer experience through use of digital.

2017/18 saw the introduction of the Livin app which allows tenants to manage their tenancies and book and appoint their own repairs, where necessary, tenants receive assistance to use our digital services. The changes have resulted in an increase in customer uptake of all Livin digital services.


Performance and a\achievements 2017/18

  • Provided customer with the ability to book and appoint their own repairs
  • Provide an extended working hours service mid-week and Saturday
  • Increased our Customer to Business transactions undertaken via digital means to 54%
  • 29% of customers accessing SSP to monitor and report repairs
  • 89% of contact dealt with at first point of contact
  • 86% of complainants satisfied with the way their complaint was handled

2018/19 Look forward

Moving forward to 2018/19, we will aim to achieve:

  • Achieve 87% Overall customer satisfaction
  • Achieve 90% of contact resolved at First Point of Contact
  • Achieve 50% customer to business transactions carried out digitally

Increasing financial capacity

We are committed to reinvesting money back into our communities through effective money management. We closely monitor our income and expenditure to ensure our investment back into our communities will benefit tenants, residents and their communities, while retaining the sustainability of our business. We continuously drive efficient and effective management of financial resources to maximise the financial health of the business.

Performance and achievements 2017/18

  • 101.98% of rent collected
  • Reduced percentage of rent lost due to dwellings becoming vacant to 1.21%
  • £100,092.64 of former tenant arrears collected
  • Enabled 54% of tenants to pay their rent by Direct Debit or standing order
  • £xxxxx of savings were achieved through effective procurement practices (purchasing of goods and services)
  • 258% of match/external funding received against community regeneration fund

2018/19 Look forward

Moving forward to 2018/19, we aim to achieve:

  • 28.63% operating margin
  • -0.74% growth in turnover
  • 16.83% net profit
  • £600,000 million efficiency savings
  • 99.45% rent collected as a percentage of the rent roll


Excellence in governance

Livin is committed to continuously improving our governance arrangements, to ensure that these remain fit for purpose in the challenging external environment we face, and to maintain strong systems of internal control. We seek to ensure that our governance is effective and transparent, through clear accountabilities, robust decision making and strong risk management. Decision making processes are efficient, timely and sound, and that they result in the best outcomes for our tenants. To drive excellence in governance, we undertake an annual assessment of the effectiveness of our governance arrangements.

Pperformance and achievements 2017/18

  • Retained our V1/G1 status

2018/19 Look forward

Moving forward to 2018/19, we will aim to:

  • Retain our V1/G1 status

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