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Welcome to the Livin Annual Report 2017/18

  • Chairman's introduction
  • Chief Exec review
  • Building a sustainable business that provides great homes and supports customers to improve their lives
  • Chairmans introduction

    I am pleased to introduce Livin’s 2017/18 Annual Report, which outlines our continued progress and key achievements throughout the past year.

    2017/18 has been a period of continued economic change and uncertainty, presenting Livin with a number of challenges and opportunities. The Grenfell Tower tragedy, The Hackitt Report and the government consultation on-going around the Social Housing Green Paper have and will continue to be challenges for Livin. These are however opportunities to continually review the way we engage with our tenants and design services to meet their changing needs.

    Livin has worked hard to deliver an innovative business strategy, Plan A, and has improved performance in key areas. Plan A sets out the needs to drive innovation, efficiency and improve productivity, embrace our social purpose and grow the business. The key focus however has been and will remain to be our customers and our communities, and we have delivered some excellent outcomes for them during 2017/18.

    With a refreshed brand, and having maintained our V1/G1 regulatory status, I look to forward to the year ahead, confident that we will continue to build on our successes and provide the excellent services that our customers and communities expect.


    Alan Fletcher - Chair of the Board

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  • Chief Executive's review

    Following what has been a period of challenging times for the social housing sector, I am pleased to deliver Livin’s annual report and review of 2017/18. This gives a summary of our achievements, challenges and opportunities of the last year.

    Plan A, Livin’s first business strategy launched in 2017. Designing and delivering services to meet customer needs, and providing an excellent customer experience is a key Plan A objective.

    The implementation of real-time customer feedback and an organisation-wide approach to business agility enables the rapid realignment of services, ensuring customer-centricity, efficiency and productivity.

    The Grenfell Tower tragedy and subsequent Hackitt review have resulted in an increased focus on customers throughout the sector. The emerging Social Housing Green Paper will provide a new deal for tenants and further challenges for social housing providers.

    Following the procurement of a new construction related services contract, May 2018 saw the launch of Livin Works, a fully integrated partnership model providing a seamless customer experience across all repair and maintenance services. The development of a new customer online portal and the ability to book repair appointments online has made the service even more accessible. The reduction in repairs handled by the customer service centre has enabled over 40 hours of resource to be redirected towards helping customers who require additional support.

    The economic uncertainty around Brexit is likely to be a challenge during the next twelve months. We have ambitious plans for 2018/19 but remain prepared for the inevitable changes to our environment. We will continue to place a strong focus on sustaining strong communities through the provision of great homes that customers aspire to live in.

    Our achievements in 2017/18 are down to our staff, customers, partners and our Board. I would like to thank them for their continued commitment to Livin’s success.

    Colin Steel - Chief Executive


  • Building a sustainable business that provides great homes and supports customers to improve their lives

    Livin is a homes and communities business managing over 8,500 homes across County Durham for over 11,550 social housing tenants. The organisation was formed in 2009 following the large-scale voluntary transfer (LSVT) of housing stock from the former Sedgefield Borough Council. The homes we manage are spread across 19 communities predominantly within County Durham.

    We are committed to providing great homes, sustaining strong communities and building a successful business. Through our people, we will be able to continue to grow the great work we do in supporting the people in our communities to improve their lives.

    We recognise that delivering strong and stable communities requires much more than letting and repairing homes. We work closely within our communities to improve employment and training opportunities via our Livin Futures service, offer financial support and help customers increase their own financial confidence by working with partners and agencies.

    Our financial capacity vision is to provide sustainable funding that will enable the business to flourish. By fulfilling the vision we will target investment in sustaining communities and delivering new properties for people who are in housing need while improving the lives of our existing tenants which in turn will contribute to growth and long-term sustainability.


    Our vision

    Building a sustainable business that provides great homes and supports customers to improve their lives

    Our mission

    Providing Great Homes

    Sustaining Strong Communities

    Building a Successful Business

    Our values

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